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Due to the number of questions I get asked in reference to the rules governing the use of my stock, it has become apparent that my rules have not been clear enough. Please read the following before sending me a note. If you ask questions I have answered here, I will not respond as I get too many questions like these and I have too little time.

So now, the rules:

I) Send a note to this account with an address to the end product. Do not comment on my front page. Do not comment on the piece itself. Send me a note. It's not hard!

II) Reference this account. If stock is published anywhere other than the internet, please try to credit me for use where possible. If the stock is used on the internet, please provide a link to the original stock image, or alternatively, to the front page of this account.

III) Limited commercial use of the stock photographs submitted to this account is permitted. You can sell prints which utilize my stock as long as end product differs substantially from the original stock image and the two previous rules are adhered to. To clarify, if you create a photo manipulation which in part utilizes my stock, you are granted license to sell copies of the created manipulation in printed form without the need for further written authorization from myself.

Note that a failure to comply with any of the above rules constitutes a breach of contract and all rights previously offered will be revoked.

On a completely unrelated topic, I would like to thank :iconlawrencededark: very much for selecting… as a Daily Deviation! :aww:
Fangfingers Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008  Professional General Artist
You have excellent , uncomplicated, and equitable rules ...i wish all offerers of stock had your common sense.

Congrats on the DD ! :) :thumbsup:...

Passion comes from comes from immersion...immersion comes from passion~ Fangfingers
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March 2, 2008


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